Process industry

Ifa has since 1988 executed a large number of assignments resulting in specified and substantial gains for several major process industries in Sweden as well as internationally.

Some of the projects have resulted in solutions where innovative technical and organizational changes have enhanced the competitiveness of the customer. Some projects have resulted in the development of new work procedures, new work places or a completely new work place structure. The assignments range from strategy development on management level to the practical implementation on work place level.

Operation Centers

The Operations Centres – design for efficient production! The Operations Centre combines several objectives; to introduce new technology and new control systems, to bring together involved personnel and to create an efficient organization and an attractive workplace design.

The Operations Centre is Ifa’s way of providing the conditions for uniting new technology with a work place where teams involving different competencies come together and take full charge of the process.

The Operations Centre provides a functional and evolved interface between the personnel and the process. The workplace can thus be considered as the physical part of the work organization, where the cooperation between different sections like the control room, maintenance, laboratory and planning, synergize through the support by the structure and design.