Ifa International AB is a consulting company founded in 1988 by a group of researchers from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm with the focus on organization, work environment and production development.

Gunnar Broms who is one of the founders and today the only owner of the company has a long and varied experience of industrial planning and production development projects for among others the mining, steel industry and paper and pulp industry, in Sweden and abroad.


Ifa with its network of experts, offers competence in the field of production development, work organization, logistics, workplace design and architecture. Ifa covers the whole process, from problem analysis to strategic development, and hand-holds clients through the idea phase, development, implementation and subsequent monitoring. It is inevitable that, owing to the success of the projects Ifa invariably is invited for the next phase of improvement projects.

Ifa has, throughout the years, established a unique network of senior consultants both in Sweden and abroad. Based on this network tailormade project teams are formed, depending on the assignment.

Our clients