Boliden projects

Boliden has chosen Ifa as a partner for different development assignments.

From the last quarter of 2021 Ifa has been engaged in a pre-project to develop and design four production centers for the copper smelting site of Boliden Rönnskär. From each central a specific production area will be operated and managed. The goal is to achieve a more attractive work environment and a more efficient production. The development has been carried out in close cooperation with representatives of the personnel in focus.

Ifa has been involved in the expansion projects at the Boliden Aitik mine, securing an efficient infrastructure to optimize the preconditions for the development of world-class operations and maintenance. Ifa was responsible for the design of the Operations Centre for the concentrator. The Operations Centre is part of making the concentrator the most efficient in the world. Ifa has been engaged by Boliden Garpenberg in the design of the work places and workshops under and above ground. The new workplaces with control room, canteen, offices and meeting facilities at level 1054 were inaugurated in 2018. At the copper smelter in Rönnskär Ifa has designed the main Production Centre. Ifa has also been involved in the pre-studies for a new open pit copper mine. At Boliden Tara, Ireland, Ifa developed a proposal for the modernization of the existing control room at the concentrator in order to improve the functionality and work environment.